5 Reasons Why You Should Move To Alicante:

Have you ever thought about moving out? To go out into the world and explore the unknown? Moving to a different city is a thrilling process since you realize that home is a feeling, not a place. Once you understand this, you will start to realize that all you need is to find a place where you will feel great, and that’s where your real home will be. We believe Alicante could be THE place for several reasons.

Just a quick note, we understand that there is a plethora of articles about Alicante on the internet, so we decided to skip explaining the regular information you can read within minutes on Wikipedia, and instead, we decided to point out interesting facts that can actually be valuable to you.

Without further ado, here are reasons for moving to Alicante:

Why should you buy a home and move to the beautiful city of Alicante

1.    Culture

Let’s face it – nobody likes moving to a city that doesn’t have history and monuments and offers only newly built buildings. When it comes to Alicante, you don’t have to worry since it consists of many famous historical monuments such as the Santa Bárbara Castle, Basilica of Santa María, castle of San Fernando, Casa de La Asegurada… just to name a few.

Not interested in monuments but interested in nightlife? No problem! The city offers a vivid one! In Alicante’s old town you will find many bars, cafés, restaurants, theaters and clubs. Especially during summer, the beach promenade and the port are the center of the city’s nightlife. The annual city festivities are also fascinating.

Have you ever thought about moving to Alicante?

2.    Festivities

One of the most important festivities in Alicante is the festival Fiestat de Moros y Cristianos, which recalls the fights between Moors and Christians during the Reconquest of Spain.

Another incredible festivity is the Easter week, also called the Semana Santa, in which there are 30 processions in the streets of the town.

3.  Sports and relax

Alicante is perfect for people who want to find a balance between sporting and relaxing.

For the sporting part– if you are into mountaineering, there are many mountains to be hiked. Alicante also offers many football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, swimming pools and gyms, as well as shooting ranges and golf courses within an hour’s drive. And when it comes to relaxing, you can stay calm since the beaches in Alicante are, in our opinion, one of the best beaches in Spain since they offer crystal clear sea, are notably spacious and calm.

4. All year round sunshine!

It’s an undeniable factor in anyone making a list of all the most valid reasons to move to Spain. The weather is gorgeous. Hot and sunny in the summertime and soft and gentle during the spring and autumn months, it’s a real draw for anyone who wants to experience a relaxed, outdoor lifestyle.

5. Quality of life

The effects of living in an environment which is not only warm and sunny but also breathtakingly beautiful, aren’t to be taken lightly. Spain is a truly stunning country from its golden beaches to its heart-stopping mountain vistas, you can walk in genuine wilderness here and yet still be close to town. The freedom and lack of constraints in terms of space make Spain a great place to live.


Are you still unsure about your final decision of moving to Alicante?

That’s perfectly normal. It’s a part of the process.

We understand that moving to a new city is a significant life change and therefore you need time to think about all possibilities. We also hope that you have found our brief article about moving to Alicante valuable and that we helped you in gaining awareness about this phenomenal city.